Blower Door Testing

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Blower door testing is important for determining the airtightness of a home. This test is often part of a whole house energy audit. If the results of your test show that your house has leaks, you can use the information to improve your home’s air quality and save money on your energy bills.

What causes high humidity in a crawl space?

Blower Door Testing is necessary to ensure that homes meet a number of green building standards. In order to determine the airtightness of your home, you can hire an energy auditor to conduct the test. The cost of a home energy audit ranges from $300 to $500. However, the cost is usually included in the price of the audit.

The test takes several readings from a manometer inside a fan box. A pressure and flow gauge interprets the data and translates it into measurable results. It is best to take a few measurements at different Pascals to determine the exact location of the leaks.

In addition to finding air leaks, blower door testing can also help you to determine how well your ductwork seals. The data provided by the blower door test can be used to size your furnace or air conditioner properly.

You can perform a single-point test, or a multi-point test. Both require you to pressurize your structure to 50 Pascals. While a single-point test can be done manually, a manual multi-point test requires a computer hooked up to a device that measures the pressure inside your home.