Everflo Oxygen Concentrator Price

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everflo oxygen concentrator price

Everflo Oxygen Concentrator Price

The everflo oxygen concentrator price is one of the most popular oxygen therapy devices available today. Its unique non-medical design blends in to almost any room, making it a convenient option for home oxygen users who are tired of big noisy machines and inconvenient oxygen tanks.

Everflo has been designed from the ground up to deliver consistent trouble-free performance, reduce overall oxygen therapy costs, and make your life easier with less maintenance! Its advanced motor provides 5 LPM of Continuous Flow Oxygen with minimal electricity and low heat.

This means you can save money every day on your oxygen therapy! It also makes the Everflo one of the quietest mainstream oxygen concentrators rated at only 45 dBA.

Buying a Used Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator: What You Need to Know

It is very low maintenance, as it uses an internal dual filtration system that only requires filter changes by your homecare provider for two years! Its durable metal oxygen outlet and recessed flow meter help prevent accidental breakage, while the humidifier bottle platform is compatible with all standard bottles.

The Everflo also features an optional oxygen purity indicator, which ultrasonically measures the oxygen concentration being dispensed. This is especially important for patients who have strict oxygen dosage requirements, and it helps you get the most out of your oxygen therapy.