Pond Builders – How to Build a Water Garden in Your Backyard

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Whether you’re relaxing in your favorite chair by the pond or enjoying a meal with friends, there is something magical about water. Watching light play off the ripples or hearing the splash of a fountain can soothe the soul and calm an overactive mind. Having a pond in your Westchester, Putnam or Fairfield County, NY area backyard can be the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life.

You can get a The Pond Builders construction kit at a home center for less than you might expect. However, they do not include a biological filter needed for fish. Biological filters are designed to keep your pond clean and safe for swimming without the need for chemicals. You can also hire a back yard pond contractor to help you design and build a backyard water feature. They can give you suggestions on the size of your pond, location and more. It’s important to find a reputable company and ask for references.

Transforming Your Landscape: Why Choose The Pond Builders for Your Project

If you want to have Koi in your pond you should consider a natural ecosystem. A natural pond has a filtration system that relies on plants and animals to keep the water healthy. A Koi pond is different and requires an entirely separate ecosystem to support the fish and their natural habitat.

The biggest part of the pond construction process is excavation. Digging conjures up an image of haphazard, rushed and unsophisticated removal of the material called dirt. Excavation is much more than that and takes time, thought, strategy and planning.