Waterproof Car Seat Covers

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waterproof car seat covers

The right waterproof car seat covers keep water, soda, coffee and juice spills from staining and degrading automobile upholstery. They also reduce the need for expensive interior auto detailing and sanitizing, protect seats from damaging exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays and make vehicles more attractive and comfortable. They’re simple, easy to use and affordable items anyone can purchase for their cars, trucks or vans.

Many car owners like this neoprene cover ($65) from Black Panther because it fits well on all seats, is airbag compatible and provides excellent composite stability so that it stays snug to the original seat design without sagging. The cover is made from a high-quality neoprene that repels sweat, which in turn helps the leather or cloth seats retain their suppleness and resist fading or cracking.

Stay Dry and Protected: The Best Waterproof Car Seat Covers for Ultimate Defense

The popular neosupreme brand of covers ($35) from CoverKing are flexible, durable and very affordable. Made from the same synthetic rubber used to make wetsuits, neosupreme is durable and water-resistant, fits most vehicle seats perfectly and is able to hold up to heavy use, abrasion, spills, hot sunlight and mildew. It’s available in grayscale or vibrant colors and two-tone options to suit any automobile.

Another top-rated waterproof seat cover is this set ($38) from FH Group. It comes with two front seat covers, a rear bench cover and four headrest covers. The polyester fabric and foam padding are machine washable. They fit most vehicles with detachable headrests and are advertised to be very durable, providing long-lasting protection for the seats.