How to Evaluate Defense Experts Online

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Many experts work for MM Defense Law counsel and insurance companies and are retained to testify in all kinds of cases. Whether an expert is used in a personal injury or civil rights case, there are many factors that play into an attorney’s decision to retain the services of a particular witness. Expert witnesses are hired to educate and persuade the trier of fact in order to help attorneys win cases.

Navigating the Online World of Defense Experts: A Comprehensive Guide

Oftentimes, the most successful defense experts are those who have delivered stand-out opinions, reports and testimony. It is very common for lawyers to remember the names of effective experts and seek them out in subsequent cases, even if they are representing plaintiffs.

Defense experts may have a variety of ways to reach out to potential clients, including websites, social media, and listings in legal directories such as Martindale-Hubbell. Experts should ensure that their online marketing is a clear and concise reflection of their qualifications, practice areas, experience and expertise. Billing themselves as a “criminal defense lawyer” or general practitioner is not likely to resonate with potential clients. Instead, an expert should highlight that he or she specializes in specific types of cases such as DUI or sexual assault defense.

An important aspect of evaluating an expert is reviewing his or her past reports, depositions and trial testimony. Depending on the field of expertise, these records may be available through PACER, local court websites and newer docket reporting services. In addition, many full-time experts write professional articles related to their areas of specialization and about their experiences as witnesses. These articles are available for review through a number of online resources such as Hein Online, EBSCO and LexisNexis.