Tax Ato Information

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tax ato

Tax Ato is one of the two wings of the Philippine National Government (PNG) that deals with the elimination of income tax evasion and avoidance. Its predecessor, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), was responsible for ensuring compliance with tax laws. The PPGR assesses taxes based on income, provides services and operates as a body under the government. It is accountable to both the legislative and executive branch. Click Here – link

Why need Tax Ato Information

Tax Ato is a unit of the Philippine Department of Finance or commonly called the DTF. Determining who is liable to pay that tax is the main task of Tax Ato. By assessing taxes based on salary, wage, business income, and other factors, Tax Ato seeks the most suitable ways to collect unpaid taxes from delinquent taxpayers.

The PPGR aims to bring tax collection within the reach of the ordinary Filipino. This is possible through a wide network of tax offices established by the Department of Finance. However, to facilitate the process, Tax Ato also has a dedicated tax enforcement agency or TPE. TPE has the mandate of ensuring tax compliance and fighting tax evasion. to prevent evasion of income tax. It also makes bank deposits and other financial transactions mandatory for recording. It is able to provide simplified tax processing services to its members and to other organizations and authorities engaged in tax compliance programs.


TPE’s role in tax enforcement is vital as tax evasion hinders economic growth. If tax evasions are not addressed, the government will have no option but to expand the tax collection agencies to tackle this growing problem. Ultimately, the government needs revenues. And revenue is what tax evasion is about. So to address this, tax Ato may need to be implemented soon.