Wetpour Repair

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Wetpour Repair

Wetpour Repair is a specialist product available to help you keep your wet pour playground safe and looking good. The kit comes with Rubber granules and Flexscreed Play Binder ready to mix, apply and screed for a seamless rubber finish. It is especially useful for repairing wetpour safety surfacing at the edges of the surface and for day joints or where two colours meet. This is often a trip hazard and so should be repaired quickly. This type of repair is usually carried out in a contrasting colour and is known as a band repair.

It is recommended that you carry out daily or weekly inspections of any Wet Pour safety surface as this helps to spot any damage straight away before it becomes a major problem. By doing this you can prevent trip hazards and also save on costly repairs as the earlier you spot the issue, the cheaper it will be to fix.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Wetpour Playground Restoration

The most common issue is the wetpour surface shrinking around the edges which can create a tripping hazard. This is a common problem with all wetpour installations and can happen in any shape or depth. This is caused by the chemistry of the material that makes it shrink and can occur on surfaces of any size or installed over different sub-bases.

We can carry out a wetpour recap without having to rip up the existing installation which can reduce costs considerably. The process involves mixing in a cap of specialist wetpour glue with the perfect ratio of rubber crumb and polyurethane binder. This can be carried out with the help of a simple stanley knife and paddle-style mixer or even with a trowel depending on the extent of the repair.