Whats a Wristlet?

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whats a wristlet

If you want to downsize from a large purse or tote bag, then a wristlet is the perfect option. You can stow your ID, credit cards and spare change in this compact bag while still keeping your hands free. Wristlets are a stylish and convenient choice for running quick errands, attending an after-work party, or going to the gym.

Whats a wristlet definition of a wristlet is a small handbag that has a strap designed to be worn around the wrist. Often they come with several credit card slots and zippered compartments for extra storage. You can find these cute little bags in a variety of styles and colors. Some are made with elegant materials like crocodile print or silk to coordinate with formal attire. Other wristlet styles feature fun graphics, camouflage or tie-dye to add a casual element to your look.

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Some of these tiny purses have a snap or zip closure, while others have a clasp that opens and closes like a traditional purse or wallet. You can even find wristlets with removable charms that attach to key chains or necklaces. This makes them ideal for gifting to friends who may already have a wristlet purse.

Whether you wear your wristlet alone or clip it to a backpack, tote or other purse, you will be amazed at how versatile this style is. You can pair it with a dressy outfit for a night out, or even a pair of skinny jeans and boots. A casual nylon wristlet can also look great with a sweat set and sneakers for a run to the store or a hike on the weekend.